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"The atmosphere and the approach of a city has to be business friendly, meaning that the City of Philadelphia has to set the tone that it wants businesses to thrive."

Anthony Fullard

President | West Powelton Development

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"Workforce development is crucial to help address Philadelphia's crime issue. ... Workforce development is critical to helping pull folks up out of poverty and give them options."

Lonnie Stanley

CEO & Founder | The Kimmel Group, INC.

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"Job training in a city like ours — where not very many people have post-secondary degrees — is imperative for helping people to get the kinds of jobs that offer gainful employment and can be the real change for a household income."

Melody Wright

Owner & Principal | SAY/DO Strategies

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"We are genuinely here to match people with jobs. That's why I've been in the business so long, because that is my passion."

Milissa Santos

President | Eagle Staffing Company

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"We're here to make it easy for people to do business by bringing the community together and creating opportunities to connect."

Benjamin Frank

Executive Director | Center City Business Association

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"The best any city can do for the business community is to create an environment for business to thrive, including being able to attract opportunities."

Tim Styer

President & CEO | Ride to Work

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