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Melody Wright

Melody Wright

Owner & Principal | SAY/DO Strategies

"Job training in a city like ours — where not very many people have post-secondary degrees — is imperative for helping people to get the kinds of jobs that offer gainful employment and can be the real change for a household income."
Stakeholder Spotlight

Melody Wright is the Owner and Principal of SAY/DO Strategies, a boutique communications, engagement, and government relations firm addressing needs of clients in Utilities, Development, Energy, Transportation industries, and more. It serves as a business partner to develop plans and projects to ensure its clients accomplish its goals.

Fostering Opportunity

Melody believes in creating more professional opportunities in Philadelphia. Melody is prepared to assist the city in improving its systems. This includes facilitating job training, improving technical skills, and easing hiring processes.

Collaborating with the IGC

Melody became a member of the Inclusive Growth Coalition (IGC) to play a part in shaping Philadelphia’s future. Through collaboration with the IGC, Melody is looking to Mayor Cherelle Parker and City Council to improve Philadelphia’s job access and the ease of doing business with the city.

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