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L. Elaine Johnson

L. Elaine Johnson

President | LaPutt Enterprise

“What can Philadelphia do to assist or grow local small businesses? Not just reduce or eliminate the BIRT (Business Income & Receipts Tax) but also think outside the box and look at what other states and cities are doing.”

Stakeholder Spotlight

L. Elaine Johnson is the President of LaPutt Enterprise, a woman- and minority-owned construction company established in 2010.

Throughout the years, Elaine saw the construction industry’s lack of diversity and began transitioning her company to a commercial signatory contractor, a company that signs an agreement with trade unions to adhere to their guidelines. Elaine saw it as an opportunity to address the lack of women in the industry overall.

LaPutt Enterprise is signatory to Local 158 (Carpenters), District Council 21 (Finishers), and Local 332 (Laborers).

A voice for change

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Elaine said she wants to be a voice for change in the city she loves. She said that while Philadelphia offers resources that create opportunities for businesses, more work needs to be done to make it easier for the small and diverse businesses to operate and do business in the city. This includes providing guidance on navigating contract terms and updating backend contract processes.

Collaborating with the IGC

Elaine became a member of the Inclusive Growth Coalition (IGC) to be part of an organization that truly understands the issues small businesses face and continually advocates on their behalf.

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