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A Safer & Cleaner Philly 

IGC believes that creating a safer and cleaner Philadelphia is essential for fostering a thriving business landscape and a vibrant community. By addressing issues related to public safety, property crime, retail theft, and illegal dumping, we can create an environment that attracts investment, encourages local business growth, and enhances the quality of life for all residents.


Growing Businesses and Creating Jobs

IGC has observed that Philadelphia faces a pressing challenge with the scarcity of private employers
within its borders. This issue is rooted in the city's existing tax policies and overall business environment. High business income tax rates and a lack of private sector investments have prompted companies and employers to look beyond Philadelphia for their business operations. This trend has led to limited job
growth and a shortage of quality employment opportunities for the local workforce.


Making It Easier To Do Business

Philadelphia is ripe with potential for business growth and a promising workforce. Business owners chose this city as the place to start their business(es) because of the opportunity.  IGC has analyzed the importance of fostering an environment that supports business growth and hiring within Philadelphia. It is critical that the local government offers a streamline system for permitting, taxation, licenses, and inspections, as well as an integrated workforce development plan. Since inception, the ease of doing business has been a priority. We celebrate some success in moving the needle forward, but continue to work with local leaders to simplify processes and procedures, and prepare a workforce prepared for the economies of today and tomorrow.

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