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Milissa Santos

Milissa Santos

President | Eagle Staffing Company

"We are genuinely here to match people with jobs. That's why I've been in the business so long, because that is my passion."
Stakeholder Spotlight

Milissa Santos is the President of Eagle Staffing Company, which provides recruitment solutions for clients and candidates alike. As a nationally certified firm with 25 years of industry experience, Eagle Staffing Company is constantly evolving its expertise and service to continue connecting successful companies with qualified professionals.

A Pioneer for Philadelphia Professionals

Milissa Santos is passionate about making a positive impact on the recruiting process in Philadelphia. She believes the city offers an impressive array of resources and programs designed to create opportunities for organizations and individuals. Milissa wants to continue seeing this growth and plans to help foster further development through her partnership with the city.

Collaborating with the IGC

Milissa became a member of the Inclusive Growth Coalition (IGC) to play a part in shaping Philadelphia’s future. Through collaboration with the IGC, Milissa is looking to Mayor Cherelle Parker and City Council to improve Philadelphia’s safety, efficiency in supporting local businesses, and affordability to live and do business in the city.

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