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Benjamin Frank

Benjamin Frank

Executive Director | Center City Business Association

"We're here to make it easy for people to do business by bringing the community together and creating opportunities to connect."
Stakeholder Spotlight

Benjamin Frank is the Executive Director of Center City Business Association, a city leader in building the economic vitality, reputation, and strength of Philadelphia’s businesses. With nearly 50 years of experience, Center City Business Association is dedicated to creating a sustainable network of businesses within Philadelphia through various resources and programs. In elevating its business community, Center City Business Association strives to uplift Philadelphia and make long-lasting impacts on its members.

A Business-Driven Philadelphia

Benjamin is a strong believer in the potential of business growth in Philadelphia. He values workforce development and wants to improve the community from the ground up.

Collaborating with the IGC

Benjamin became a member of the Inclusive Growth Coalition (IGC) to play a part in shaping Philadelphia’s future. Through collaboration with the IGC, Benjamin is looking to Mayor Cherelle Parker and City Council to improve Philadelphia’s safety, appearance, tax environment, and affordability to live and do business.

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