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Reflecting Upon Mayor Parker's Historic Inauguration and the City's New Leadership in Council

The Inclusive Growth Coalition

Jan 31, 2024

The Inclusive Growth Coalition celebrates the inauguration of Philadelphia's 100th Mayor, Cherelle Parker - Council President, Kenyatta Johnson - and new members of City Council.

The historic inauguration of Mayor Cherelle Parker as the 100th Mayor of Philadelphia, and notably the first woman to hold this esteemed office, marked a momentous turning point in the city’s history. Mayor Parker’s visionary inaugural speech outlined a future for Philadelphia that aligns closely with the Inclusive Growth Coalition's priorities, and we look forward to opportunities to work together in creating a more inclusive and business-friendly Philadelphia.


  • Championing Public Safety: Mayor Parker's declaration of a public safety emergency demonstrates her unwavering commitment to ensuring safe and secure communities for all Philadelphians. This prioritization of public safety resonates deeply with the IGC's focus on cleanliness and safety.

  • Enhancing Government Efficiency: Mayor Parker’s executive orders aim to make local government more visible and effective, which directly contributes to improving the ease of doing business in and with the City. Streamlined processes mean a more efficient and responsive City administration, benefiting both residents and businesses.

  • Expanding Economic Opportunities: Mayor Parker's bold move to remove employment barriers, such as modifying college degree requirements for City jobs, aligns with the IGC's mission to foster job growth and lower the cost of doing business. By expanding the labor pool, we can create more inclusive economic opportunities.

  • A Vision for Philadelphia: In her inaugural speech, Mayor Parker shared her remarkable personal journey, underscoring themes of resilience, determination, and hope. Her commitment to creating opportunities for all Philadelphians reflects the IGC's dedication to workforce development for Philadelphia workers.


Join the Transformation:

Mayor Cherelle Parker's 100-day action plan sets the stage for transformative changes in Philadelphia. Her initiatives encompass everything from improving public safety and addressing environmental concerns to fostering business growth, enhancing education, and enriching community engagement.


Click here to learn more about Mayor Parker’s 100-day action plan


A New Era Unfolds:

The first days of 2024 marked a significant turning point in Philadelphia's political landscape. Along with Mayor Cherelle Parker's historic inauguration, we witnessed the substantial reshaping of the Philadelphia City Council and welcomed a new chapter filled with promise, possibility, and the potential for progress.


Key Changes in Philadelphia City Council:

  • New Council President: Kenyatta Johnson has been elected as council president, bringing a fresh perspective to the elected body. Johnson’s commitment to anti-violence initiatives, quality of life improvements, and development management sets the tone for a new era in city governance.

  • Leadership Changes: The council's leadership has undergone transformative changes, with Katherine Gilmore Richardson becoming the youngest majority leader in council history and Isaiah Thomas taking on the role of majority whip. These appointments reflect a younger and more dynamic leadership within the council.

  • Influx of New Members: We are delighted to welcome first-term legislators, including Rue Landau and Nina Ahmad, alongside Nicolas O’Rourke from the Working Families Party. This new slate of lawmakers introduces fresh perspectives and priorities, enriching the council's diversity and perspective.


Our Commitment to Collaboration:

At the IGC, we are excited about these changes. We believe they bring new opportunities for collaboration and innovation. The priorities under this new leadership focus on addressing critical city issues such as gun violence, equitable economic development, affordable housing, quality education, and workforce development.


The emphasis on collaboration, both within Council and the Mayor and City Council, is music to our ears. It's this collaborative spirit that will be instrumental in advancing the City's agenda effectively.


Looking Ahead with Enthusiasm:

As we move forward, we want to express our excitement about working closely with Mayor Parker, Council President Johnson, and City Council and contributing to the positive changes in our beloved city. Together, we can achieve a brighter and more inclusive future for Philadelphia.


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