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  •  Particularly during this recovery period, to grow our economy, reduce poverty, maintain quality services and make our city safer, it is imperative that we increase the number of gainfully employed people in Philadelphia – either working for themselves or for others.  

  • The urgency of this moment cannot be understated. At no other time in recent history have we had a more pressing need, and confluence of options available, to do so. 


  • The facts lay to bare - Philadelphia is being outpaced in terms of job creation and has fewer business establishments per capita than comparable cities. These factors contribute to significantly less money being circulated locally.


  • Additionally, rising inflation, interest rates and other costs on individuals and businesses are forcing too many companies to consider less expensive places than Philadelphia.


  • However, we can reverse these statistics and their effects by substantially reducing the city’s “highest in the nation” tax on workers and the onerous double tax on hard-working people who run businesses.  Essentially, giving these Philadelphians a raise at this critical time.


  • This is money that business owners can use to recover, grow and hire, and that local workers can utilize for their personal needs thereby bolstering our local economy.  


  • If Philadelphia is to realize true inclusive growth and change its designation as the largest, poor city in America, we must have the forethought and fortitude to reverse our decades-long declining job and business viability.


  • The time is now to “Give Philly a Raise” and invest in our workers, our businesses and our city. 

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