For decades Philadelphia has had difficulty growing local businesses and attracting new employers.


  • This is in large part due to the fact that Philadelphia has the Nation's highest Wage Tax.


  • Philadelphia is also the only major city that double taxes it's businesses through a Business Income Tax and a Business Receipts Tax, together called BIRT Tax

  • 80% of respondents to a joint survey performed by Philadelphia's minority chambers of commerce indicated reducing taxes on business is the primary action the City could enact to help them grow and hire.


These taxes are a major reason many employers and employees choose to locate outside Philadelphia.


  • The fact is companies seek to locate in areas without high costs of doing business.


  • Within our region, businesses and their jobs can (and do) move to places with favorable tax rates while still enjoying many of the region’s benefits.

  • Data shows that regional and national competitors are outpacing Philadelphia when it comes to growing jobs and attracting new employers.

Conshohocken, PA.